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Buy Vietnamese Magic Mushroom Online

Buy Vietnamese Magic Mushroom Online. Vietnamese Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms are native to the Vietnamese rice patties as they need a humid environment to grow. They grow with a yellow fleshy stem and has large cuos up to 5-6 cm in size. They are quite powerful and grow very easily in nature.



7 reviews for Buy Vietnamese Magic Mushroom Online

  1. Lorraine J. Ambriz

    Who definitely buy this again

  2. Harold Marson

    Good product, smooth trip.

  3. Laura E. Guss

    Great product, great délivery time, real happy with this company.

  4. Kenneth R. Rackley

    Absolutely loved these! The mushrooms were beatiful and of super quality. Nice big whole ones.

  5. Richard M. Hilson

    I took 2G and it was a great experience. It really taught me a lot and I connected with myself on a deep level. This website is great. They delivered pretty quickly and they were really responsive. This is great for beginners.

  6. James K. Dodgen

    My favourite purchase here

  7. Douglas P. Hutchinson

    Great place to get shrooms, very professional and fast shipping. I placed my order on a Monday and I had my package by Thursday of the same week. I will definitely be purchasing from these guys soon again. Definitely a top shelf place to get your psybilin ❤️

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