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where to buy psychedelic water

where to buy psychedelic water, Oolong tea and Orange citrus notes come together in a unique and unbelivably delicious new flavor of Psychedelic Water. Enjoy our take on this Kava kava powered experience with friends. Best served on ice.

Ingredients/psychedelic water reviews

Carbonated filtered water, erythritol, oolong tea, natural flavor, monk fruit juice concentrate, citric acid, kava kava root extract, damiana leaf extract, green tea leaf extract.

This invigorating drink strikes the perfect balance between sweet and unsweetened, inspiring strength, personal growth, and self-control. With bright citrus notes, floral oolong tea, and a hint of vanilla, this refreshing blend will elevate your senses and empower your journey.

Savor the natural benefits of kava in Oolong Orange Psychedelic Water, offering a mindful alternative to alcohol. With its calming and mood-enhancing properties, kava brings a unique experience of relaxation and clarity without the downsides of traditional beverages. Enjoy your social gatherings or quiet moments of reflection with the added confidence that comes from a healthier, more balanced choice. Embrace the transformative power of Psychedelic Water and elevate your lifestyle with our invigorating twist on iced tea.


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