MK2™ (Ketamine HCl 200 mg/mL + Medetomidine HCl 10 mg/mL), Injectable Solution, 30mL


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BrandNexGenSKU:NC-0009Product Type:InjectableAdministration:IntramuscularSize:30mlControlled Substance:Schedule CIII


NexGen’s MK2™ is a premixed formulation developed to provide veterinarians and wildlife handlers with a field-tested immobilization anesthesia option that can be effectively used to immobilize a broad range of exotic animal species. Medetomidine (10mg/ml) provides superior pain relief and muscle relaxation to other compounds employing alpha 2 adrenergic agonists, with Ketamine HCL (200 mg/ml) supplying an effective paralytic. In combination, the two provide safe, smooth induction times and excellent recovery results.

MK2™ was originally developed by NexGen Pharmaceuticals with the assistance of exotics industry veterinarians and Dennis Smith (Ranch Manager of Schmidt Ranch in Neiderwald, Texas) as a superior solution for anesthetizing larger animals in a more efficient manner. For those who are new to utilizing MK to manage their exotic animals, it is important to understand the level of anesthesia you are administering with Medetomidine/Ketamine sedation. MK is a deep sedation, not to be confused with other sedations that are moderate.



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