MKM™ (Medetomidine HCl 3.3 mg/mL + Ketamine HCl 150 mg/mL + Midazolam HCl 5 mg/mL), Injectable Solution, 10mL


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BrandNexGenSKU:NC-0007Product Type:InjectableAdministration:IntramuscularSize:10mlControlled Substance:Schedule CIII


Midazolam is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia, seizures, procedural sedation and agitation. In combination with medetomidine HCL (3.3 MG/ML) and ketamine HCL (150 MG/ML), the three provide a safe and gentler induction and excellent recovery results.

The preferred route for the administration of an immobilizing drug by remote delivery is via intramuscular injection. The aim is to hit the animal in a specifically-selected site, causing injection into vascular tissue and facilitating rapid absorption of the drug. Not all areas of an animal’s body are equally well-suited for injection by remote delivery; thus, the injection site should be carefully chosen.

The neck is generally a suitable site for large animals with muscular necks. Care should be taken to avoid hitting the jugular vein, the upper neck and the head. The ideal injection site is the trapezius muscle mass at the upper base of the neck. This injection site is suitable for species such as elk, moose, buffalo, bear, the equids and larger antelopes, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and elephant (if the ears can be avoided). Animals with slender necks, such as gazelle, gerenuk, giraffe and impala should not be darted in this area.



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